COVID-19 Policy – Because Of Government Mandated Travel Restrictions – Career Camps is offering two options for students who booked prior to March 20th – 1) Students can attend the same instructor led live classroom training online virtually (Students who paid for travel will have travel refunded – please contact our office more details) – or 2) Students can reschedule to a camp to still attend in person at a later date. For registrations after March 20th, 2020 – standard cancellation terms apply (see below).

Airfare – Career Camps provides airfare allowance up to $400 for all boot camps which indicate airfare included. Career Camps may opt to offer additional airfare allowances on a case by case bases. Career Camps does not guarantee any specific carriers or time constraints. Students are encouraged to have airfare allowance ($400) removed from cost of camp if requesting specific airline, strict schedule or other special request.

The airfare benefit does not include change fees, luggage fees, upgrades, meals, internet or any other “add-on” services provided by the airline. Once an airline ticket is purchased – any changes, cancellations or other request are between the airline and the passenger (Student). Career Camps is not responsible for any circumstances surrounding the flight after it has been booked including weather related issues, missed flight/connections, lost luggage, etc. Career Camps provides only the airline ticket.

Ground Transportation – Career Camps provides ground transportation from Tampa International Airport to hotel for students whom Career Camps purchased airfare. The hotel provides all shuttle transportation between hotel, campus and restaurants. Additionally – hotel shuttle provides airport transportation for students arriving at Sarasota Airport (SRQ). Tampa Airport Transportation options (based on staffing levels) could include the use of public shuttle (ie Super Shuttle) which could make multiple stops or staff shuttle. Career Camps does not provide any reimbursement for car rental, taxi or any other transportation option. Should a student miss or change original airline ticket – student will have responsibility for transportation back to Tampa airport (Arrival or Departure).

Meals – Career Camps provides lunch to students for each scheduled day of class. Our hotel provides breakfast for students every day. If a student has any dietary concerns – every effort will be made to accommodate such concerns. Career Camps takes students out to lunch (no inside catering) and request student limit themselves to one beverage (w/ refills) and one entree. Additional items such as appetizers, deserts, specialty drinks, etc… will be billed directly to student during the lunch.

Exams & Retakes – Students attending boot camps are offered 1 free retake voucher for each exam included with their camp. For example – a student attending MCSA SQL 2012 can retake each of the 3 exams one additional time if they fail the exam. These retake vouchers cannot be accumulated or used for other exams. While Career Camps maintains the highest pass rate of any Microsoft Gold Accelerated Learning Provider (Currently at 96%) – Career Camps does not make any guarantees (verbal or written) that a student will pass any exam. Failing any/all exams does not constitute any refund. While some companies offer a “guarantee to pass” – always approach this with caution – because short of unethical practices or unlimited retake vouchers – there simply is no way to offer this with Microsoft testing.

Cancellation – Career Camps makes every effort to avoid cancellation of any class or boot camp. As a training provider with a national audience, we cancel less than 2% of all courses. In the event Career Camps cancels a course for any reason except natural disaster (i.e. Hurricane, Fire, etc.) a full refund will be provided to student. In the event of unforeseen nature disaster, Career Camps will reschedule student at Career Camps cost. Please see the special note at the top of this disclosure regarding COVID-19 exceptions.

Conduct – In the interest of all students, contractors and staff – Career Camps expects everyone to conduct themselves in a professional manner. Vulgar language, racist/sexist remarks, destruction of property, theft, violence, disparagement (company, staff, other students), threatening behavior, fighting and/or criminal behavior of any kind will not be tolerated and student(s) participation in program will immediately cease with no refund. Career Camps maintains a zero tolerance policy. Further – any disparagement of organization, clients or staff to anyone (written or verbal) will be ground for termination with no refund.

Test Taking Ethics – Career Camps STRICTLY adheres to the rules and regulations set forth by Microsoft and Prometric. Under no circumstances will any student be allowed to use anything other than their brain during testing. Any student attempting to cheat while taking an exam will immediately have their test terminated and the procedures set forth by Microsoft and Prometric will be adhered to. Test Candidates must sign waivers for video and audio recording of the test room during test examination. Career Camps maintains a zero tolerance policy for misconduct while taking an exam.

Non-Disclosure – Career Camps request clients (students) refrain from discussing or disclosing – with any other student, staff or vendor – monetary information in regards to registration, travel or other expenses. Violation of this request could lead to immediate dismissal of the student with no refund.

Refund Policy – Career Camps will provide a full refund minus any cost incurred (Such as non-refundable airfare, books, labs) for cancellations exceeding 90 calendar days prior to camp. Students cancelling within 90 days will be offered a credit toward another camp minus any incurred cost as mentioned previously. Once a student starts a camp – absolutely no monetary refund is provided. If student has concern while attending camp – all efforts will be made to address and resolve concern.  If no mutual agreement can be reached, student will be offered opportunity to attend same or different camp for the remaining amount of credit minus any cost incurred.[/vc_wp_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]