Career Camps Success Stories

“Thank you for such an excellent trainer. My participants that I have spoken with have great things to say about Dodie’s training and really found that the class was very valuable. We are very pleased and will be doing more with your company.”

Frank, Jet Support Services

“I think the camp was great. Regarding the instructor “AJ”, my manager had told me he would only pay for the class if AJ was teaching it. Now that I have been through the experience I see why. He covered the enormous about of lecture/demo/labs in a way that really highlighted the testable points. Also all of his examples were real work applications. Plus he took the time to address open production issue with the people in the calls that worked with AD every day. All and all the experience was great, like said above.”

-Brian, Polycom

“I really enjoyed the course and it was very worthwhile.”

-Jamie, Comms-care

“Overall I learned a ton!! I passed both my exams, so I was pumped to get both of those certifications. Matt Mathey did a great job answering my questions and going above and beyond just teaching me the required material. I appreciated his patience with me and his expertise with technology. Thanks for a great week!”

-Matt, Tampa, FL

“It was a great experience. I would recommend that camp to anyone.”

-Stephen, Verisk Analytics

“The training was good – I did learn a lot, passed all the three tests from the first try and earned MCSE cloud.”

-Hany, KPMG

“Thank you all for your support on this, especially Chris. Passed all my exams and got my MCSD as planned. Thanks.”

-Adi, Dallas, TX

“The class went really well. The instructor was great, very knowledgeable, I learned a lot. The virtual environment was great as well. The labs were awesome, I think I learned the most from them. I plan to go through them a few more times before taking the exam. I also have a study guide and have downloaded some study videos. I plan to take the exam end of September or beginning of October.”

-Adam, Mandex

“The Camp was excellent. I would recommend it for someone else and would definitely go again if time and schedule permits.”

– Henry, InfraNet Solutions

“The class was challenging as expected, for not having any SQL Server experience. However, I passed all 3 of my MS tests. We had just 7 individuals in the class, and I heard we all passed all the tests. I have copies of the class presentations, so I’m trying to review them again at a little slower speed than the class went. I appreciate your team helping with all the reservations & transportation, since I brought my wife along. I think I gained 5lbs between the Hotel breakfast and class lunches. While I didn’t spend much time with my wife throughout the class days, it was enjoyable to take a few extra days and enjoy Sarasota / Lakewood Ranch areas together after the last test was taken.”

-Kelvin, Yum Brands

“Camp was intense. Lots of material in such little time. I know why they call it boot camp now. haha.. Great experience though. Travel was smooth.

-Andrew Beltran, Houston, TX

“I did take the class and I loved it. I got certified and really enjoyed my time there. The camp was intensive but definitely worth it.”

-Swanilda, Henry Schein

“It was great. I passed my first cert! 2nd I had to do a retake and I passed today. I am an MCSA! Everyone at the facility was truly accommodating. I would recommend your company to anyone!”

-Chris Eaker, Virginia

“The camp went really well. The instructor was great, the facility is very nice, and the food was fantastic. I have absolutely no complaints at all.”

-Barry, Bedford County Public Schools

“I really enjoyed it. A lot of information to process in a short time but our instructor made it worthwhile. Facility was great too.

-Alfred, United States Military Academy

It went really, really well. Thank you. It was a lot of information but thankfully I got through it. I received my MCP and MCSA. Suzy is an excellent instructor and the pace of the course went fast but I was able to keep up. All in all it was a great experience. Thank you for all your help Chris. Until next time.”

-Anthony, California

“I’ve finished the boot camp and it went great. AJ Holt is an excellent instructor.”

-Mathew, Houston, Texas

“Everything went very well. Passed 2 of my exams and I am taking the third on Thursday or Friday. Chester was correct AJ is a rock star for sure and a great instructor. Once I get a bit more hands on experience I plan on returning for AJ’s MCSE course for sure! The whole experience was very enjoyable!”

– James, Texas

“It did! I passed both exams and got my certification <thumbs up>. Bob Fredrich was our instructor and he did an outstanding job! There was a LOT of material and he did a great job of covering it and providing understanding on the topics that were less than clear.”

-Andrew Fitchett – U.S. Figure Skating Association

“The boot camp was great and I passed all my tests and I’m now Microsoft certified. Thanks!”

– Princess, US Navy

“I’d say everything went well. I passed and got my certification, so no worries there. Nice facilities, knowledgeable instructor, hotel was pretty good too. The content was pretty fast-paced, but I understand there’s only so much time to cover it all. In general, a positive experience. Thanks.”

-Ben, Nicolet College

“The camp was good and I passed all three exams. I would definitely recommend this camp to others.”

-Michael , Louisiana